The MuscleCAR Club Antoine Gordon Memorial Scholarship

You are invited to join the MuscleCAR Association of Richmond in offering college scholarships for the future leaders of our community by becoming a club sponsor.

Antoine Gordon was an ambitious young college freshman. He knew what he wanted in life and went after it with all his heart. He had always talked about going to college in Florida, and had worked hard to make that dream come true. He had vision and goals for his future. He was an intelligent young man, ready to debate anyone on any subject. He stood for the truth, whether it is spiritual or basic rights due every person. He would never back down from what he believed. Antoine lost his life in a car accident returning to campus from winter break. His spirit lives on in the hearts of his family, friends and in other students who passionately pursue their dreams.

The club offers $500 scholarships to college students selected from submitted applications.

This year the club is offering four scholarships.

Donation should be mailed to:

MuscleCAR Scholarship Fund

14102 Mountain Road

Glen Allen VA 23059

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John Gordon

14102 Mountain Road

Glen Allen VA 23059

Phone: 804 837-2357

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